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About Me

I spent 20 years in the advertising industry before qualifying as an executive coach and setting up my practice, working mostly with people in the context of their business or career.

From the outset I realised there were elements of yoga – particularly its focus on the breath and certain meditation practices – that could be really useful in helping my clients find the right mental and psychological state to get the most from their coaching.

My training as a yoga teacher provided me with the knowledge and the conviction to move beyond using a few breathing exercises and look at fully integrating yoga into my coaching.

I know it’s not for everyone, and I still run my executive coaching practice, Here to There, for those who are unfamiliar with yoga or sceptical of its benefits.

But my own experience – as well as increasing evidence from psychology, neurology, medicine and business – suggests that the twin disciplines of coaching and yoga can be combined to very powerful effect.

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